Jack Donnovan

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Growing extremely fast in the world of music, Jack Donnovan made himself very popular in the clubs in and around the Netherlands. Jack also keeps traveling to foreign countries in order to perform on stage.

With great love for music, huge appreciation for DJ skills and an enormous amount of knowledge of crowd-control behind the DJ-Booth, it already was a clear story that Jack would get this far in the DJ world!! And it never was a surprise that he gets the job done!!!

Also as a producer, Jack does not fail to deliver a great presentable piece of art !!
Spending much time in his own music studio, Jack is always loaded with his own special edit beats and tracks!

Being ambitious is not enough, staying original isn’t gonna get him there either.
But working hard every day will bring him one step closer to become a world wide DJ!

I present you:

Name: Jack Donnovan
Instagram: @jackdonnovan

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