Flared Pants

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The Flared pants can no longer be missed in your closet. The first thing that comes to mind is the 70’s. In contrary, the flared pants can be styled in so many ways. There are different variations like stretch pants, leggings and jeans. I used to think, that I was too short for flared pants, but now that I have bought a number that fit. I found a pair of black flared pants from the WE. I had to search on the children’s department, because all the other pants were to long for me. On a regular sunny day I would style the legging with a crop top in the same colour, so it looks like a two piece. On a rainy day I like to style the legging with an oversized sweater and some simple sneakers. For a dinner you can spice it up with jewelries. 


Because there is so much choice of flared jeans, there is also more opportunity to match with other items of clothing. When you do this right, anything is possible. When you combine the jeans in the right way, you can wear them anytime and anywhere. 

Personally I would recommend the pants and legging from the WE, Zara and Forever21.


Everybody looks good in something!

      Flared pants style

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Flared Pants