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DJ MIMI is one of the nicest DJ to look at with her own defined fashion style. She brings the old school look of the ’90/’00’s back. She can make all the looks that she create’s fun and creative by really using accessories as a key factor in all her outfits. The sunglasses, belts, statement earrings and her scrunchies for her high ponytails. This is DJ MIMI her own noticeable brand look! You will not find any other DJ like her ! That is why we will be following her for her fans and fashion fans. So, you can re-create her look.



Can you describe yourself ?

I always find that very difficult to say anything about myself … A few things that I know from myself is: I am spiritual,
persistent, creative, sensitive / emotional, a pleaser, independent, goofy, loyal and helpful. Also I have a lot of empathy for others, I always wanna help, that on regular base I tend to forget myself. My lesser points is: Perfectionist, quickly irritated but forget it quickly .. temperamental, lets just say my zodiac isn’t a RAM for nothing (wink).


How would you describe your style in terms of clothing?

A little bit of everything really. It depends on my mood and occasion. I love to walk around in oversized hoodies / jackets and sweat pants with a cap and sunglasses on. But there are definitely days when I rock my girly, classy dresses, fur coat ofcourse (faux) and thigh high boots!  One time-period I love the most is the  90’s / 00’s look. It always has a dope vibe!


Has work as a DJ influenced your clothing style?

Not necessarily, I’ve always dressed like this. I do pay attention to what I wear during gigs. I am not too ‘naked’ because I don’t want the focus be drawn to my female appeal. The focus needs to stay on what I really came for. Unfortunately this is still a thing in the scene .. don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a little ” sexy ” and ” femininity ” during a booking. Only I personally value the fact that it’s still about my talent and not about certain clothes that I wear. I make sure I always go fashionable, often comfy and classy to my gigs. I also like accessories, preferably a little extra like big Glasses or big jewelry, belts etc. (This of course depends on the occasion) Sometimes I also like to go very casual, because it’s comfortable.


What is your favorite clothing brand?

I shop a lot in different countries where I perform. I mix casual brands such as H&M and ZARA, Monki, Bershka etc. with a more expensive brands.


Who or what can sway your taste in clothes?

That can be very different! That can be a simple Instagram photo I see in my feed or a celebrity .. I often check Rihanna & Khloe Kardashian their feed sometimes, because they both have approximately the same length as me. That way I can see, if the style will look good on me due to my length.


Where do you shop or get most of your clothes?

ZARA, H&M, Bershka, Monki, PLT, Riverisland, Forever21, but I also have many collaborations with certain brands, which I wear often.

DJ MIMI Statement earringslook the trend

THE LOOK  ( 2 )
Blouse with dots and pants;  Statement earrings

Is there a trend that you absolutely not take part off? If yes, which one?

I don’t really pay attention with the latest trends. I dress how I feel at that moment, it can vary from girly to urban, casual or sporty.


What do you want to express with your clothing style?

That this is MIMI ! I Have several faces. Classy, ​​sporty, girly all with an extra touch… Just MIMI 🙂


Has your clothing style changed in recent years?

No, not necessarily, I don’t see it. But maybe the people who knows me. Sees the changes over the years.


Through what do you follow the latest trends?

I think like everyone, Instagram and American influencers and celebs. These are my go to, to follow the latest trends.

DJ MIMI Sweatpants look the trend

THE LOOK  ( 3 )
Sweat pants and hoodies; Sneakers 

What is your ‘go to’ outfit on a work night?

My go to outfit is always a black dress, oversized hoodie (dress) and I combine it with an over the knee boots and sneakers .. with a nice jacket. You can never go wrong with a black dress! hahaha


Do you choose your own clothes when you have to work or does someone else style you?

Yes, I usually dress myself. I know what I like and don’t like. I haven’t find the right person that can re-create my style combined with the latest trends. I also dress myself when I have a collab with a brand, if I feel its my look, then I wear it. And the most important person in my life my mother! She often gives advice on what I can and cannot wear. And usually she’s right!


What do you prefer to wear around the house ?

I love my Warm PJ’s with thick socks heheh 🙂 When your home, you just want to be comfortable after a long week of traveling and DJ gigs. Lay on the couch with a cup of hot tea. hahahaa 😉


All Photos credited by @xeniaribana



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Interview with DJ MIMI