Denim Jackets

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The denim jacket: Succesful since the 90s, and can be seen in the streets  every year. It is an item that, in addition to endless combinations, also has many appearances. 

How do you combine a denim jacket?

The combinations are endless. Actually you can combine almost your entire wardrobe with a denim jacket. Choose a style and go for it. Casual is very simple: your favorite denim jacket with black jeans, a high-quality white T-shirt and a pair of white sneakers complete the look. 

For the ladies who prefer to wear the denim jacket a bit more chic, there are also plenty of options. Wear a pair of heels with your outfit, a big hat and an elegant dress and you are good to go! 

If you search online for ‘denim jackets’ you will find a lot of versions. It is therefore useful to know what you are looking for. Denim jackets can be dark, light, thick or thin, oversized or short. In addition, brands can also tell you more about the type of jacket. Levi’s, G-Star and Calvin Klein Jeans are brands which are more expensive. So expect to put down a little more money for a denim jacket from one of these brands. Are you more into budget shopping? That is also possible with these jackets. At brands like H&M, Boohoo and Zara you will find cool denim jackets for less money. 

Summer, autumn, spring.. the denim jacket is actually ideal in all of these seasons. Hot summer day? Then the denim jacket is only needed in the evenings. Then you can shine with your denim jacket around your shoulders. A denim jacket with a hoodie keeps you nice and warm and is also extra fashionable.



Everybody looks good in something!

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