Let me do this myself

This is how I thought years ago, when I wanted to start my own webshop back in 2015.

When I founded my company, I started as a new young minded person with a vision. As I went through my journey, I always thought that making a website, would be hard, making a logo is only for creative educated people. But after so many setbacks and spending money on people, who didn’t understand how to put my vision on paper. I just sat behind my laptop out of frustration and started to make my own logo. What did my first logo look like ? A monogram.

What is a monogram you would think. At first I, myself did not know. What a monogram would be. But now I can tell you with confidence that a monogram is a symbol, made up of two or more letters and/or other graphic symbols, in order to create a logo or a recognizable symbol. Some can say that it isn’t a logo, but for me it is a logo, because that is how I wanted to represent my brand.

One thing i’ve learned by making my own logo is that creating a logo and/or brand is a process and as you grow, your brand and your logo can grow with you. I always thought that my logo needs to be “Perfect”!

Perfection is just a state of mind. I picked on every details and tried to implement everything possible. But in the end for me, MY logo I need to get this feeling, that I can see it every time and feel proud! This is exactly the same feeling I want to give to our customers at Soojini Development.

Defaulting to Simplicity

When I look back to every person, I talked to and every person that I have told, what I want and what kind of person I was. I realized one thing. They couldn’t give me simple, a minimalistic look. Thats when I realized, when I was chasing perfection. I found my excellent look and style within. As the saying goes sometimes less is more.


Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection.

We can catch Excellence!

Vince Lombardi

By learning this over the years, I started to implement the less is more style in a few designs, till we see the whole picture of a customers brand. This is what we want to achieve for our customers.

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