A life simulation game

You live and then you die.
But at least do it in a nice house!

Paralives is an upcoming life simulation indie game. Build your dream house, create some characters and manage their lives the way you want! The game is currently in development and will be released on Steam for PC and Mac.


World of sooji is being funded through the generous support of the community on Patreon. For €3 per month, you can support the development of the game, get access to exclusive updates, vote in polls and get a sneak peak in our game!

Dreaming of building your perfect house but need the right tools?

No problem! WoS comes with innovative tools to create grid-less constructions, curved walls, resizable objects, split level floors, custom shaped stairs, full color/texture customization and much, much more!

Looking to explore a town filled with opportunities and venues?

Put on your best outfit, call some friends and use your bike or car to meet them at the park, restaurant, beach, shop, mountain or anywhere, really!

Willing to immerse yourself in parallel lives and achieve your wildest dreams?

We’ve got your back. WoS offers a rich open world filled with possibilities! Focus on your career, love life, friends, family, children or the town’s community and well-being!


World of Sooji is made by lovers of simulation games with the support of the community to make it the best it can be. Join the conversation on World of sooji’ Discord server!

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